Ancient Chinese Medicine Secrets for a Healthier Happier Life


Chinese Medicine is a rich and extensive system of health that has withstood the tests of time and changed the medical paradigm as we know it today. It can help with chronic/acute disease and injury but also really shines in the realm of preventative care. And this is where I think some of the most amazing benefits are!

Most western based medical sciences focus mainly upon treatment of disease, trying to fix something that has already gone wrong, where Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs, qigong, massage) can all help bring balance to the body so it stays healthy and prevents disease or slows down its progress. When our body goes out of balance- wether it be an emotional upset or an imbalance within our endocrine, reproductive or lymphatic system, the body is more prone to sickness, pain and suffering.

Through various Chinese medicine modalities balance can be restored to the body and mind. Using the combination of awareness, breath work, qi movement, herbs and acupuncture techniques, we are able to access these deep rooted meridians and restore harmony.

I have attached a list of Chinese Medicine “secrets” , practices, and healthy tips that are infused into the daily wisdom of TCM that can help you live a longer, more vital life.

the acupuncture point stomach 36

the acupuncture point stomach 36

various forms of Moxa.

various forms of Moxa.

  • Moxabustion- Called moxa for short (Artemesium vulgaris) is an amazing facet of Chinese medicine. It is the yin to Acupunctures’ yang. Also known as mugwort, or artemisia and plays a huge part in Chinese medical healing. It can be taken internally or used topical. When dried this herb becomes a fluffy golden substance and can be rolled into sticks or made into tiny cones. It then can be burned in conjunction with specific acupuncture points or meridians, and this is where it really promote longevity. It is said that moxa burnt daily upon on Stomach 36 (ST36) can help to ward of infection, disease and promote vitality. The acupuncture point ST 36 is located one hands width below the lateral patella. Check out this article to learn more!

facial acu
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture- Cosmetic acupuncture is an amazing alternative to things such as Botox or surgery. Using tiny hair-thin needles are used to help give you a “face-lift”. Using these needles and working with underlying patterns that make be leading to premature aging, or wrinkly skin, and this type of acupuncture shows great results. You should dedicate about ten sessions to see lasting results, but you will walk away feeling younger and brighter after just one! These sessions will leave the skin nourished from increased blood and lymph flow and the face “lifted.” Facial acupuncture may also help to increase collagen production and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Look and feel younger!

  • Jade- This precious stone is a symbol of wealth and vitality and has been used for decades from jewelry, to yoni eggs, and jade facial rollers. A must have in your self-care tool kit! Want to learn more about using a jade roller- check out this article! It can also be combined with acupuncture techniques such as GuaSha to help promote lymph, blood, and Qi flow and alleviate pain.

  • He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorium)- This amazing perennial herb, also known as Fo-Ti, has a reputation as a preserver of youth and a sexual rejuvenator. It is a tonifying herb that can help strengthen a person Qi, or life-force energy. Some know it for its help to improve cardiac fucntion or reducing serum cholesterol levels. But its also known to keep a persons hair strong, healthy and dark!.

  • Qi Gong- Combining breath with movement is a basic principle is many therapeutic physical modalities. Qi gong is considered an internal martial art and focused upon promoting vitality and Qi throughout the body. There are various styles and techniques, but even engaging in a few minutes a day will leave you feeling brighter and happier! Look into some classes offered in your local area to get started for check out some online tutorials!

Carrots make your cheeks pink. Spinach makes your face shine. Mushrooms make you brainy. Dandelions make your breath fresh.– Chinese poem