Chinese Medicine is based upon a system of thought that views the body as components of interlinked matter and energy, it explains the physiology and pathology of the human body while using specific principles of pattern diagnosis. It views prevention and treatment of disease from a holistic standpoint, all while noticing the relationship of change and development between the human body and its interaction with the natural environment.

Acupuncture + Moxibustion

These modalities help activate the bodies innate healing capabilities. Small single-use "needles" are inserted on various points located throughout the body. Using these points used in conjunction with Chinese medical theory and an understanding of the intricate energetics of the body, known as Qi, healing times are reduced and pain managed easier. Acupuncture helps to re-establish the dynamic balance of our health. Whether you are dealing with digestive disorders, metabolic syndrome, injuries, anxiety or even the common cold, Acupuncture can help! Moxibustion is a technique that utilizes the dried herb called Mugwort, or Ai Ye, in conjunction with the acupuncture points or meridians. It is a fascinating modality that is one of my favorite, come see me and I can teach you more!

Massage + Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage that consists of meridian focused body-work. It combines acupressure, stretching, breath work and fascial release to help promote relaxation, ease pain/tension and bring more balance to ones body. This technique is usually combined with the Acupuncture appointments but can be booked as a stand alone treatment as well. It is done over clothing, so please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. 


Guasha is a technique that is essentially a light scraping of the skin with tools of made of jade, porcelain, or stainless steel.  The tools are smooth and blunt and are used in repetitive stroking motions. The body responds by expressing petechiae, or known in Chinese Medicine as "Sha". It is used in many cultures and is similar to Graston in Chiropractic medicine. 

Cupping Therapy  

Cupping therapy refers to an ancient technique in which Glass, bamboo, or silicon cups create a local suction onto the skin and superficial muscle layer.  The vacuum effect can be created from heat or a mechanical pump. It has been known to help release tension and shorten the healing time of injuries. It helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow into the area to release tension and shorten the healing time of injuries. Redness is usually generated with this technique, "Sha" which fades in a few days to a week. It is different than bruising as blood vessels are not damaged but old stagnated blood is being expressed and removed from the body. It is great for respiratory conditions, pain management, gastrointestinal disorders, the common cold, or gynecological disorders. There are many different techniques used with the cups and It feels great too!


"Intuitive and Experienced"

"Lenore's treatment are heart filled and authentic. Her intuitive ability combined with knowledge and experience in natural health make her an amazing practitioner. You leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and supported...and this is where the magic happens.






"Caring and Thorough"

"Lenore is a caring and thorough acupuncturist offering her full attention and care during our sessions. I always leave feeling amazing physically and opened energetically. I am so thankful for having found her and will continue to recommend others to see her as well”






"Knowledgable and Passionate!"

"Lenore is an incredibly kind and charismatic person who treats you not as a patient but as a friend. She delves deep into the nature and roots of your ailments making sure you are truly heard. Her extensive knowledge and passion as a practitioner is obvious in her ability to individualize care and nourish you with age old Chinese treatments. Sending you home revitalized and equipped with the education and strength to continue the healing process. So lucky to have her close to home."

— C.T.