Top 5 Yoga Studios in Portland Oregon

Here in Portland, Oregon we are blessed with abundance. An abundance of gourmet restaurants, organic vegetables, luscious forests, amazing teachers, even a wide variety of yoga studios. All these options are amazing but it also can be a bit overwhelming too! I have been a dedicated yoga student for over 15 years and have done my part in exploring the many studios that Portland has to offer. Yoga helps to sharpen the mind, soothe the soul and shape the body. Listed here are my top 5 favorite places to practice!


Yoga union- This studio is located in the heart of SE Portland on 52nd ave just a block north of Division street. It is in a newly renovated bustling that is LEED certified to be eco-conscious. It also houses Prema Health (a holistic health center offering acupuncture, massage, counseling and more) and Fern Kitchen (an organic cafe and juice bar). One of my favorite part about Yoga Union, other than the sauna, childcare, and beautiful decor, is the sense of community that the center promotes. The classes are usually quite full and the teachers are knowledgeble and dedicated to the practice. They offer a wide range of styles throughout the week.

Lovehive- This quaint and lovely community has two locations- Central East Side Portland, Oregon at 1847 E Burnside St. and Southeast Portland at 5975 SE 52nd AVE at Woodstock. The promote a fun and lightheartedness in all their classes and events. They also offer an amazing special for new students to their space- 30$ for a month memberships! Love Hive offers over 25 classes a week (between both studios) as well as a great selection of events and retreats too!

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 Yoga pearl- This beautiful studio is nestled in NW portland. It is accompanied by an amazing organic eartery, called Prasad, and a wellness center that offers treatments such as acupuncture, ayurveda, massage, craniosacral, facials and yoga therapy.  They also offer a wide range of workshops and training throughout the year so you can dive deeper into your practice. This studio offers 8-10 classes a day within a wide scope of experience levels.

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People’s yoga- This studio has a mission to help make yoga affordable to more people! It offers great memberships as well as yoga scholarships. They have FOUR studio spaces scattered around town, so make sure you know where you are heading when you pick a class! “We (Peoples Yoga) offer more than 50 yoga classes per week, with styles ranging from beginner to advanced, and you are welcome to all of them.”

The Yoga Shala- This studio is located in Northeast portland on the busy Williams Ave. It offers in depth teacher trainings and workshops that really get to the heart and soul of the practice. If you re looking to deepen your knowledge of theory or expand your heart with some Kirtan- this is the place for you.



Whats your favorite studio in town?! Let me know!